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Method 1. Completing the offers provided by surveying companies

There are companies giving iPhones to you if you are lucky enough. Enter your email and you may win an iPhone. Sometimes you need to do some free offers (eg: signing up an account for webhosting which is Free of charge). Act now and get your iPhone for FREE.

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Releasing iPad mini 3 in october 2014?

It has been rumored that Apple would release the third generation iPad Mini in october 2014. In 2013, Apple released iPad mini 2 in October. Would Apple continue the trend and release a new version of iPad Mini?

According to analysts, the tablet market is shrinking for both Apple and Samsung. To keep up with the market share in the tablet market, Apple would need a new tablet along with the much anticipated iPhone 6. Sources say that the iPad mini 3 will incorporate the new TouchID fingerprint recognition feature. The iPad mini 3 will likely use the latest A8 chip, which is also used in iPhone 6, to provide much faster performance. However, some say that Apple may change the 7.9 inch display.



Want the New New iPad?

Here comes the new new iPad (iPad 4), well it looks exactly the same as the old new iPad (iPad 3). Well, mostly, anyway. This time Apple launches another iPad after just an eight month time span. So what’s does the New New iPad offer? Yes you got the same Retina display, long battery life, a much faster processor and the same design.

I would say that the New iPad is a great product. It may be the best tablet out there in the market. The MSRP stays the same at $499 . But if you already owned the iPad 3, you may want to wait for the next groundbreaking new generation iPad instead of rushing to replacing it. However, if you don’t have an iPad and still want the glamorous 9.7-inch retina display, the New iPad would be the one.

One frustrating point is you need to adapt to the new lighting port, as Apple is implementing the new lighting port to all of its products. That means you may need to spend some more bucks in buying the lighting to 30 pin adapter to continue using all your iPad accessories.

iPhone 5s may be the best smartphone in the market

You may not be amazed by the so called  new functions of the iPhone 5s, but it maybe the best smartphone made so far. Though there are many competitors, the iPhone 5s is the phone I recommend without reservation and suggest people put at the top of their shopping lists. Instead of attempting to blow past the competition with bigger everything, it simply polishes the popular device and is now the keystone to the most mature mobile technology ecosystem.

The iPhone 5s is the only device designed and engineered specifically for iOS 7. While the iPhone 5c and Apple’s older devices do run iOS 7, the iPhone 5s is the only iOS device that unlocks iOS 7?s full potential. If you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem and have a lot of friends and family that you communicate with over FaceTime and iMessage, then there’s no better phone than the iPhone 5s. Other phones may compare favorably to the iPhone 5s in some areas, but no other device comes close to matching the iPhone 5s in its entirety.

I love the touch ID fingerprint sensor which makes your life easier. All the upgraded hardware make it runs superbly smooth comparing to its predecessors. And I think the iOS 7 is actually game changing in a way it brings us back to what Apple is good at doing, they just simplifies to all what you need in an elegant way.

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Be the First to Get iPhone 5 for Free

Be the First to Get iPhone 5 for Free


There are many rumors like iPhone 5 launch saying that the long waiting iPhone 5 will be released in September 2011. The New iPhone 5 has been rumored to be equipped with a radically different, “teardrop”-shaped profile, an edge-to-edge screen, a powerful dual-core A5 processor (like the one used in the iPad 2), and wireless baseband chips from Qualcomm. There’s even speculation that Apple may announce more than one iPhone when the time comes. There may be an iPhone 4s model which targets the mid-end users and the iPhone 5 targetting the high-end customers.

As a user or customer we are most concerned about its release date, its specs and the price. What’s better than getting the iPhone 5 for FREE once it is released? Check out below one of the promotions Allowing You to Get the iPhone 5 For FREE once it became available.



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Method 2. Get an iPhone for Free From Freebie Sites

Freebie companies are giving out iPhone for Free. There are many testimonials of Freebie companies being legitimate and people received their brand new iPhones promptly. One of the best Freebie site is freebiejeebies which gives you an iPhone when you referred a certain number of people to sign up to freebiejeebies.  For example: You choose iPhone 4 – 16GB Sim Free as your gift. You will need to have around 20 referrals before they will let you go Green and send you your iPhone 4.

How to Get Referrals Easily?

This is actually quite easy to attain the required referrals. Email all your friends with the referral link and ask them to sign up to freebiejeebies. Even easier is to use facebook and do a massive message sent to all your friends with the referral link. There are even forums which let users to trade referrals. Users there basically sign up under your referral link. In return, you sign up under their links.

This allows you to get your referrals fast and receive your Free iPhone 4 in your mail box.

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OK This methods will teach you how to MAKE MONEY ONLINE and allow you to buy yourself an iPhone using the money you earned.

First of all, You Can Make Money Online if you know the right way and stay focused. There are so many ways to make money and you may have come across many guides in the Internet trying to teach you how to do, but you may have to pay for ebooks or scripts.

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Free iPad 2

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